Happy the Eagles Suck?

Happy the Eagles Suck?
January 17, 2005, 5:45 am
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Are you glad that the Eagles chances of returning to the Superbowl are decreasing exponentially?  Yeah!  I mean, no?  Well, Philadelphia Weekly writer Daniel McQuade is glad the Eagles stink.  Maybe something is in the water over at Penn.

Maybe the Eagles will trade a draft pick or Terrell Owens for Brett Favre and the Eagles will turn into a machine while Donovan sits in the hospital in pain.  That would be ironic, yes?

PW: Scrape by, Eagles, Scrape by:

Three of the Birds' wins this year are among the most memorable in my lifetime. Who can forget David Akers' field goal in pain to beat the Raiders, the Eagles' 18-point comeback against the Chiefs or the field goal block returned for a touchdown-the first in Eagles history-to beat the Chargers? Give me any of those finishes over any game (okay, besides the NFC championship) last year.

Monday night's game was a downer. Blowing the game on an interception when the Eagles shouldn't even have been throwing the ball was bad, and missing a chance at a comeback win-Reggie Brown dropped a pass that would've put the Eagles into field-goal range-was even worse. But it was nice to go into a huge prime-time game in where the Eagles weren't huge favorites, where everything was on the line, where I was on the edge of my seat the entire game.

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