Hartnell Says Flyers May Shake Up Lines

Hartnell Says Flyers May Shake Up Lines
May 14, 2008, 1:23 pm
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When you've lost three games in a row, perhaps it's time for a change. Scotty Hartnell, on his blog on the Flyers official website, says you might just see a shake up.

Today we made some changes for practice this morning, and I was on a
line with Mike Richards and Danny Briere. Richie is a great player and
he’s having a great series. He’s done everything well all playoffs
long, and hopefully we can just use our grit and speed and skill in
getting in there and make some stuff happen. We’ll push hard into their
zone and hopefully get a goal or two.

Also of interest, Braydon Coburn may return to the line up tomorrow. Those hockey players are gamers.

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