He Just Wanted You to Know the Phillies Stunk

He Just Wanted You to Know the Phillies Stunk
September 26, 2006, 8:24 pm
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The Phillies, after failing to take a one game lead on Monday night against Houston, fell a full game back after their loss on Tuesday night to the Nationals.  Some may blame it on the blown call on Chase Utley's home run which they called foul.  Others would just say the Phillies stink.

The NYTimes gauges Philadelphia fans feelings on the current squad's chances.  They also tell a tale of one Philadelphia fan in particular:

In January 2005, an irate Phillies fan was convicted of 79 charges
related to fraud, identity theft and computer hacking. According to the
the fan hacked into computers in seven states, collected e-mail
addresses and fired off rants that were supposedly sent from local
sportswriters. In court, the fan’s lawyer said his client was
obsessive, perhaps even psychotic, but not an intentional lawbreaker.
He meant only to say that the Phillies stunk.

We all have to say they stink in our own unique way, some of us need to vent through federal hacking crimes.  This guy just wanted to be heard, you know?  Can't blame a guy for trying.

They also got me nailed, “In Philadelphia, fans seem to hope for the best and expect the worst."

We've been raised that way, it's not our fault.  Prove us wrong, Phillies.  Prove us wrong.


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