Heroic Overbrook Kids in ESPN

Heroic Overbrook Kids in ESPN
January 23, 2006, 9:45 pm
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In September, three Overbrook High School football players rushed into a burning house and saved an 87 year old woman from the flames.  Now they are being recognized as heroes.  In an in depth article, ESPN details some of the first class treatment the three boys have been receiving.  They've met Allen Iverson, Donovan McNabb, Ryan Howard, and Governor Ed Rendell and attended their first Eagles game.  The Overbrook footballers never thought they'd have it this good.  ESPN does a nice job pointing out some of the problems facing more troubled parts of Philadelphia.  While these boys are considered heroes, not everyone in their community even believed their story.  Regardless of some of the backlash, the boys remain positive about the whole situation.

"We can make a change," Carter said. "What we did can make a
difference. I never realized I had so many people on my side before
this had happened to us.

So if you want to meet Philly's best athletes, your best bet is to commit amazing acts of heroism.  A nice feel-good story on the day after Thanksgiving.

>>Philly embraces young heroes [ESPN]

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