He's No Construction Worker

He's No Construction Worker
February 1, 2006, 6:21 am
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Last year the Eagles had the Cinderella story of Jeff Thomason going from construction work one week to playing in the Superbowl the next.  This year the Steelers have a similar situation, except the Steeler, somewhat ironically, works at the global futures desk in Manhattan for Lehman Brother's.  Most people don't even know what a global futures desk is.  You don't see the Wall Street Journal doing pieces on construction workers.  WSJ on Grant Bowman:

Grant Bowman was settling into the rhythm of his new
office job, arriving at Lehman Brothers' midtown Manhattan offices
every morning at 6:30, sitting at the global futures desk and studying
for his final round of Securities and Exchange Commission exams.

Then, a week ago Monday, his cellphone buzzed with
messages from his mother, his agent and the Pittsburgh Steelers. They
all wanted to tell him the same thing: Pack your bags for the Super

Bowman isn't quite the Cinderella story Thomason was last year.  After Chad Lewis went down in the NFC Championship game, the Eagles needed a tight end to step up and play.  Bowman isn't likely to see any action.

Though he isn't likely to play in the big game itself, he will earn a Super Bowl ring for himself if the Steelers win Sunday.

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