Hopkins Taylor Saturday

Hopkins Taylor Saturday
January 31, 2005, 8:53 pm
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The Sixers looked rough against the Celtics last night despite A.I. dropping 40, 9, 5.  Delonte West seems like he may be a nice NBA player.  The Flyers looked shaky but got a win against the hated Devils. 

In more entertaining news there was some sort of press conference for the Hopkins/Taylor rematch on Saturday night dubbed "No Respect."  There aren't enough of these fights between two legit fighters who are good at smack talking.  Taylor said he wanted to capitalize off of Hopkins crying about the last fight in which Hopkins lost by decision.  Taylor came up with the "Crybaby Hopkins" doll.  Bernard is one scary guy when he is mad.  I wouldn't want to piss him off.  He told Taylor to hug his kids, hug his wife, because Hopkins was going to end his career.

I hope Hopkins pounds him.


One is from the rural sawdust towns of Arkansas and the other from the
concrete jungle streets of Philadelphia. These two pugilists epitomize
the word "dichotomy."

"I'm not just going to take his titles, I'm going to take his career,"
Hopkins said threateningly at his Big Bear Lake training campsite.

Such animosity and venom was not evident before their first
encounter July 16, when Taylor scored a close and controversial victory
over Hopkins for the titles. In fact, Hopkins never seemed more amiable
to an opponent. Taylor, with his "aw shucks" personality, seemed

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