Howard Never Stops

Howard Never Stops
January 7, 2006, 3:54 am
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Bill Conlin gives a nice little run down of the beastly nature of Ryan Howard's trip to Japan. 

In Game 2, after taking his mother and sister on a daytime tour of
various Tokyo must-sees, Ryan toured the bases. He led off the second
with one of those inside-out lasers to left-center. Kentaro Nishimura,
a 21-year-old righthander, looked as if he had just swallowed a tainted
piece of sushi. As Howard crossed the plate, a tiny boy and girl
dressed in traditional kimonos bowed and handed him a small bouquet of
flowers. With one on in the third, he produced a replica of his epic
one-hopper off Rich Allen's plaque in Ashburn Alley. Replays showed the
indoor moon shot came close to hitting the Tokyo Dome ceiling
on a
flight that ended just under the MLB lineup high on the scoreboard in
dead center. The unofficial estimate was 450 feet.

Pitchers and catchers can't report soon enough.

>>Howard a one man tour-de-force in Japan [Inquirer]


  • The Flyers didn't lose their 10th game last season until mid January.  They lost their 10th game of this season last night. It was all Ken Hitchcock's fault. [Inquirer]
  • The Eagles have Washington this week.  If they lose, their season is
    officially done.  Video of the Skins v. Cowboys game and it's wacky
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  • I've always wondered why they didn't sell little mini Rocky statues.
    Get your order in now!  The mini Rocky statues don't have the same
    effect as some mini statues.  My favorite are the Mannequin Piss statues you can find in Brussels. [Blinq]
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