Howard On Utley and Contracts

Howard On Utley and Contracts
January 23, 2007, 5:01 am
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Ryan Howard was honored yesterday by the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association with their Outstanding Professional Athlete award.  Aside from the award, Howard said some interesting things.

The topic of the night focused around Chase Utley getting the dream contract and how Ryan felt about being the reigning NL MVP.  Did Howard complain about not getting paid?  Nope.  He talked about winning.

"My own internal goals are important. I want to win a ring, and I'm feeling real good about this team. With the pitching additions we have, and if everyone stays healthy, we'll be fine. We're surely capable of making [the playoffs]."

The Big Man knows what to say and is genuine taboot.  Let's just hope whenever contract talks take place they go as smoothly as Utley's deal.

Comcast has a nice clip of the Ryan talking with Neil Hartman at the banquet.

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