I Know One Person Who Enjoys Frank Fitzpatrick

I Know One Person Who Enjoys Frank Fitzpatrick
February 2, 2007, 6:00 am
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Fortress of Pillows is the next Philly blog this week to rip into the sports writers in this city.  They take aim at a familiar name on these parts: Frank Fitzpatrick.

Frank Fitzpatrick "writes" for the Philadelphia Inquirer. To be more specific, he types for the Inquirer. To call it writing would be an insult to the industry of print.

That's just the beginning.  It's safe to say Frank Fitzpatrick isn't well liked.  I've pointed to many other Internet sites that can't stand his archaic pieces.  But I do know one person who likes Fitzy's stuff.  Back when Fitzpatrick attacked one of my live blogs for AOL, in a discussion with my grandpop, he said he was disappointed Fitzpatrick ripped on me because he usually enjoys his stuff.  I think that says enough.

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