If Only Iverson Was a Bowler

If Only Iverson Was a Bowler
February 10, 2006, 7:12 pm
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This all started because A.I. skipped the team bowling event for the elite season ticket holders last week.  This could have been the incident that broke the camel's back.

Let's take a quick look at Stephen A. Smith's column yesterday on Iverson titled Only one thing can restore Iverson's tarnished image -- winning a championship.  Smith writes:

A championship is the only thing that will resurrect Iverson's
once-stellar image
now. After all that's been said and done, no other
culmination will suffice. A career devoid of titles for Iverson amounts
to nothing more than a slot next to the Charles Barkleys and Karl
Malones of the world.

Without the appreciation and fanfare.

Wait.  What?  Iverson's once-stellar image? Was that when the governor of Virginia pardoned Iverson and let him out of jail when he was in high school?   When did A.I. ever have a stellar image?  And Iverson will only be put in the same category as Barkley and Malone?  Two of the greatest NBA players of all time?  A.I. won't be appreciated?  If he doesn't win a championship, being placed next to Barkley and Malone is exactly where A.I. will belong.

Does anyone know what Stephen A. is talking about in that piece?  Care to translate for me?

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