Iguodala Hits Buzzer Beater

Iguodala Hits Buzzer Beater
January 22, 2006, 7:03 pm
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The Sixers came back from a 19 point deficit late in the third quarter to beat the Timberwolves 86 to 84 on an impressive touch shot with time expiring by Andre Iguodala.  Definitely watch the highlights from the game over at ESPN.  There has been some talk of trading for Ron Artest on sports talk radio recently.  I'd be in favor of bringing in Artest but not if it means giving up Iggy.  He is the most exciting player on the Sixers after Iverson and his potential is still yet unknown.

In a recent posting over at ESPN writer Chris Broussard's website, he writes a piece which says Iverson and Webber aren't able to coexist.  Apparently Webber blew up in the locker room recently:

A league source told me Chris Webber went off in the Sixers' locker room after the demolition by the Wizards. Frustrated by the team's mediocrity, Webber yelled at coaches and players alike while saying, in essence, he never gets the ball.

I'm not sure if he named Iverson directly, but I'm told it was clear he was calling out A.I., who dominates the rock and is averaging a whopping 25.8 shots a game, second only to King Kobe.

Apparently, the episode made Iverson wonder if he's leading the Sixers correctly. Why else would he question his role, which has been to hoist and hoist and hoist since he set foot in Philly 10 years ago?

Coach Maurice Cheeks was stunned by A.I.'s assertion, but certainly understood where it was coming from. That's why he spoke for 27 minutes after Wednesday's loss to New Jersey about the importance of "sticking together'' through tough times. Then on Thursday, Cheeks cancelled practice and instead, in an obvious attempt at bonding, took the team paint-balling.

Can't you just see Sammy Dalembert trying to hide behind a tree and snipe Chris Webber?  There surely must be a joke involving A.I. using a fire arm.  It is actually a very good piece and talks about how the Sixers defense is wretched and how Iverson may be stunting Iggy's growth.  Check it out.

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