Introducing The McNabb-O-Meter 2010

Introducing The McNabb-O-Meter 2010
June 3, 2009, 11:35 am
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If reports are accurate and Donovan's new contract does not extend the length of the deal, it will essentially give the Eagles one more season to determine whether they prefer to stick with 5 or move on to the Kevin Kolb era.  A lot can and probably will happen in that time, making it nearly impossible to predict exactly how the finish will ultimately go down, but one thing is almost certain: his standing with the team will fluctuate.

As the season rolls along, the McNabb-O-Meter 2010 will attempt to chart the likelihood Donovan will either stay or leave.  Mostly that will hinge on his performance on the field, whether he is able to stay healthy, and how deep into the playoffs the Eagles go, but the poll begins with the news that he is not expected to receive a long term offer from the Birds.

The lack of an extension now doesn't necessarily mean the front office can't have a change of heart next season, but it's not a ringing endorsement either.  McNabb should have every opportunity to prove the offense is still his and he is able to win the big game, and in the process he could earn a big reward.  Either way though, the front office seems to be placing what happens next squarely on the quarterback's shoulders.

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