Is it Sunday yet?

Is it Sunday yet?
February 3, 2005, 2:01 am
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The Superbowl is only days away and the hoopla is in full effect.  Steve Martarano and Anthony Gargano of 610 WIP led a caravan down to Jacksonville today.  They called in to Glen Macnow's show last night and gave a report.  Pretty funny stuff.  Freddie Mitchell is really starting to push the line a little bit.  He was all pissy because they didn't give him a podium at media day.  Then to make it worse, he kind of calls out Steve Young and Michael Irvin for ripping on him.  Freddie better have the ring to back up his mouth.

Not much new on the T.O. front; he participated in practice again yesterday in about 1/3 of the plays.  Steve Mariuci thinks T.O. could be the X-factor in the Eagles attempt to defeat the Pats.  Mooch coached T.O. for six years in S.F. and thinks T.O. could have a big impact Sunday.

Here are some links to some Eagles mp3s: The Teee Ohhh Song, as well as LetsGoTeeOh - by the Birdheadz.  The Birdheadz (website) will be performing at the SnooperBowl in Jacksonville this year.  You may have heard them on 610 WIP.

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