Is the Brian Dawkins We Knew Finished?

Is the Brian Dawkins We Knew Finished?
December 11, 2006, 10:26 am
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Coming into this season, Eagles fans kind of all expected B-Dawk to strap in and put in one of his signature beastly seasons we've come to know him for.  Sure, he was approaching the twilight of his career, but he had another good season or two in him.  Right?

Turns out he likely won't be in the lineup for the Jets game this week, marking almost a month since he's seen the field.  The original injury was a neck "stinger" which typically takes about a week to recover from, if that.  Even Dawkins himself isn't sure what the deal is, "It's frustrating, very frustrating.  All I can do
is do what the doctors tell me and hope I'm able to play soon. It's a
slow process, and I don't know how long it will take. Hopefully, not
too long. It kills you to not be out there with your teammates,
especially when things aren't going well."

Andy Reid seems to think it has the potential to be fairly serious, "When you're dealing with nerves, you don't know,.  You just
don't know how long those are going to take, so you literally take them
day by day. They could take a long time or something could change by
tomorrow. Dawk is very honest with us on how he feels, and that's
important. We know he wants to be out there. It's killing him not to be
out there."

It's certainly not encouraging that he's been out this long but it also hasn't
really affected the defense all that much.  Neck and nerve injuries -- like concussions -- are serious business.  The bigger question
remains, is the old Dawkins we knew a player we may never see again?

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