It's Cold Outside, but Eagles Huddle Is Heating Up: Kolb & McNabb Rumors Flying

It's Cold Outside, but Eagles Huddle Is Heating Up: Kolb & McNabb Rumors Flying
February 12, 2010, 9:38 am
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We're having a few technical difficulties today. This post comes from Kulp despite the name at the bottom.

Two very interesting reports on the quarterback situation came out
today, one of which may be tipping the front office's hand. First,
ESPN's Sal Paolantonio says the Eagles are telling teams inquiring
about both McNabb or Kolb that neither are in fact available. It's a
nice story, but as PFT's take already declared, nobody is buying it.

Especially if GCobb's source is accurate. His site
reported this morning the Eagles have approached Kolb's agent about a
contract extension
, which the team will not confirm or deny. This is
getting juicy.

Kevin Kolb signing a contract only makes sense if
the Eagles intend to make him the starter sooner rather than later.
He's made it very clear he wants to play and believes he is ready.
There is no way he would agree to terms unless the club gave him some
indication he was going to be the man.

No matter what the team is saying, if they go
through with an extension for Kolb, it's extremely difficult to believe
Donovan will be an Eagle this season. Why would he accept that? He
would be taking all the risk on the final year of his contract, knowing
the entire time he's not in their long term plans.

How would that even make sense from the team's
standpoint? If Kolb is their guy, why wait? I can't see the benefit to
an arrangement that has McNabb playing out the final year of his deal,
then walking away for nothing when they had every opportunity to trade
him for picks. If they believe in Kolb enough to extend him,
essentially choosing him, then they should be willing to show some
conviction and make the switch now.

Perhaps Cobb's source is jumping the gun on this
one. You could question the rationale behind negotiating a contract for
one guy before trading the other, making the case that revealing to the
rest of the league which one they're keeping reduces their leverage in
a trade.

If there is indeed a contract offer to one
quarterback, you can expect it to have major implications on the other.
When Kolb hears McNabb is re-upping, he'll opt to take his chances as a
free agent next year. If these reports are true though, we think you'll
be hearing about Donovan wanting out, and an organization happy to
grant him that request.
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