It's Lonely at a Sixers Game

It's Lonely at a Sixers Game
February 13, 2007, 3:45 am
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These numbers from True Hoop shouldn't surprise you.

The numbers from Philadelphia are depressing. The Sixers rank at the bottom of the league in attendance – 14,499 per game, down from 16,518 last season, the biggest drop-off in the league. With an average of 69% capacity, they're the only team averaging less than 75%. The only other team that has lost 1,000 per game is Charlotte.

Since I don't have anything all that exciting for you this morning, I'll throw some links your way.

  • Andy Reid won't be far, don't worry, he'll call if he needs someone.  Except of course if it's under 5 minutes left in the game. [Fanhouse]
  • I'm really hoping the Celtics can reach 20. [Fortress of Pillows]
  • Get your NBA All Star Beer! [AA]
  • If you were going to spring training in Clearwater, would you take advice on the hot spots from Bill Conlin? [Daily News]
  • Some Brian Westbrook highlights after the jump.

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