It's Not Always About the Money

It's Not Always About the Money
January 28, 2006, 7:02 pm
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Randy Wolf reportedly got offered more money by both the Phillies and Arizona, but Wolf decided to follow his dream and put on Dodger blue:

"I think every kid grows up wanting to play for the team he watched,"
Wolf said. "I grew up in the LA area and have many fond memories of
going to Dodger Stadium with friends and family. It's something I'll be
looking forward to."

It has to be a pickle for a ball player who grows up a die hard fan of one team to be drafted into another organization.  I can't imagine I would enjoy playing for the Mets.  I'm sure a check with 7 zeros in it would help ease my sorrows.  Wolfy says he'll miss the fans in Philly as well as every single guy in the Phil's clubhouse.

>>Notes: Wolf says he'll miss Philly [Phillies]

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