It's Not Easy Being a Sixers Fan

It's Not Easy Being a Sixers Fan
January 11, 2007, 7:50 pm
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Check out this headline yesterday from Reuters: Knicks on Fire as Sixers Opt for Webber Buyout.

It seems just yesterday the Knicks were the brunt of every NBA joke around.  It's a sad state of Sixers basketball in the wake of the Iverson trade that left Sixers fans in need of a little faith.  The Knicks are a game out of first place and the Sixers are writing checks for Chris Webber to take a vacation home to Detroit.  Sure, getting rid of Webber seems like a wise decision.  They rid themselves of his complaining while saving a couple bucks, but the move points out the ridiculousness of bringing Webber to Philly in the first place.  All eyes are on Billy King and every move he makes while he still has a job here.

On a more positive note, I watched the Iverson-led Nuggets lose on Wednesday night.  I'm hoping the situation in Denver somehow blows up and the Nuggets start losing at a pace only matched by the Sixers.  The draft pick the Sixers will get from them can only get better if Melo and The Answer don't mesh.  The 2007 season has turned into me hoping two teams lose, lose, and lose some more.

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