Iverson for Nothing

Iverson for Nothing
February 14, 2006, 4:50 am
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The deal David Aldridge writes of this morning nets the Sixers nothing at the end of this season.  So basically we'd be giving Iverson away so we can free cap space.  I don't like it.  I'd like some young players (Delonte West types) and at least a draft pick on top of the expiring contract types.

A source said yesterday that the Nuggets might be trying to involve
a third team, the Portland Trail Blazers, in the deal. The proposed
trade would send forward Nene to the Trail Blazers, who then would ship
center Jamaal Magloire to the Sixers.

The Nuggets would send another player, possibly former Sixer Joe
Smith, to the Sixers, and the Sixers would direct Iverson to Denver.

Magloire and Smith would give Sixers general manager Billy King what
he wants: contracts in their last season. The 6-foot-11 Magloire, in
his seventh NBA season, is making $8.3 million. Smith, a former No. 1
overall pick, is making $6.8 million.

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