Iverson Pissed Off

Iverson Pissed Off
February 15, 2005, 5:46 am
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Continuing with today's theme of gambling at casinos and athletes, A.I. was reportedly in A.C. this weekend causing a stir:

On a late-night visit to the Trump Taj Mahal after the Sixers bested
the Charlotte Bobcats Friday, sources say Iverson, after winning a hand
at a three-card-stud poker table, was overpaid $10,000 in chips by a

When the dealer quickly realized the mistake and requested the chips
back, Iverson, we're told, refused to hand `em over and a head-turning
argument between him and casino staff began.

Nothing all that notable, just A.I. throwing some coin around.  The funnier part of the article:

We reported in February 2004 that a pro-athlete who plays at the
Wachovia Center had urinated in a trash can at Bally's Park Place in
full view of staff and patrons. The urinator, whom we didn't name at
the time, was Iverson
, and he was told by the casino not to return.

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