Iverson Roundup: Hope for Oden

Iverson Roundup: Hope for Oden
February 10, 2006, 8:17 am
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The Fanhouse points us to an article in the Charlotte Observer which says the Bobcats are thinking of putting in a bid for Iverson:

"We made some inquiries if it was real," coach-general manager Bernie
Bickerstaff told the Observer on Saturday. "Michael (Jordan) and I plan
to sit down and chat" about whether to make an offer.

What could the Sixers possibly get in return?

The 76ers would probably ask for Charlotte's best player, Emeka Okafor,
the team's No. 1 pick in the 2007 draft, and one of the Bobcats two
point guards (Raymond Felton or Brevin Knight). If Bobcats GM Bernie
Bickerstaff and part-owner Michael Jordan had any clue, they'd counter
with super-sub Sean May, attempt to throw in wing Gerald Wallace, and
tell the 76ers they can have Brevin Knight and the team's 2008 #1 pick.
(The 76ers, who are in a terrible spot with no bargaining power, would
probably chuckle at May the tweener, Knight and his chronicle injuries,
and Wallace's poor start to the season.)

A Sixers fan can dream can't they?  Okafor and a No. 1 pick would be enough to get me excited.  Phil Sheridan makes a very interesting point that the Sixers, despite their complete ineptitude, could put themselves in position for the biggest prize since LeBron James.

If the Sixers survive the crash brought on by trading Allen Iverson,
this may all make sense. If Billy King and Maurice Cheeks (or their
replacements) are standing next to Greg Oden on draft night in June,
with some salary-cap flexibility to build around their new franchise
player, then this might actually work out for the best.

In the wacky sports world we live in, we may want to see the Sixers lose every single game this season.

Yahoo says Boston and Dallas are early front runners for A.I.

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