Iverson to the Sixers Looking More and More Likely to Happen

Iverson to the Sixers Looking More and More Likely to Happen
January 31, 2009, 10:39 pm
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The latest from ESPN makes it seem like Iverson coming back to Philly is all but a done deal.

Marc Stein writes:

But sources stressed to ESPN.com that plans behind the scenes have
progressed to a level where Iverson's return is now regarded by both
sides as far more likely than not. Although it remains unclear whether
Iverson has the leverage to command anything more than a pro-rated
share of the $1.3 million veterans' minimum, all indications late
Monday suggested that only an unforeseen about-face by the Sixers could
prevent Iverson from formally rejoining them by week's end.

This is all so hard to fathom. Remember those last few days of his tenure in Philly back in 2006 when Ed Snider made it all too clear that Iverson was done as a Sixer? "We will trade him," Snider said only to leave Billy King with few cards to hold near his chest. But at least we had that fun week of following A.I.'s every move including a trip to the sneaker store.

I never would have imagined A.I. suiting up in a Sixers uniform again.

Given the Sixers wretched play over the past few weeks coupled with their injuries in the backcourt, a magically bizarre door to bring back one of the city's all time greats has opened.

Walk on through, Allen.

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