Iverson's Locker Cleaned Out

Iverson's Locker Cleaned Out
February 11, 2006, 5:15 pm

610 WIP just reported that Iverson's locker has been cleaned out and his name plate removed.

No deal has been made as of the buzzer of the Sixers/Blazers game.  The Sixers lost their 8th straight.  I caught the end of it.  Iggy missed a desperation three that would have won it.  I kept waiting for Marc Zumoff and Steve Mix to say Allen Iverson's name.  I just wanted to hear his name.  Rumor has it A.I. squashed a deal that would have sent him to Charlotte.  How does Iverson have that control?

11,348 in attendance.  Pathetic.

This shit is starting to get really sad.

UPDATE: Joe Juliano of the Inquirer has more on the empty locker.

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