Jamie Moyer Thinks You're a Wimp

Jamie Moyer Thinks You're a Wimp
May 2, 2007, 7:04 am
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Phillies fans, myself included, have come to love Jamie Moyer.  Admittedly, like most I was a bit skeptical about the resigning of Grandpa Moyer but he has showed us in a number of great starts this season what he is capable of doing on the mound.  Not only can he still pitch, but he also has become invaluable in the clubhouse with the young pitchers, catchers, and everyone else.  It doesn't hurt he's about as stand up a guy as you'll find in pro sports.

It turns out he played a vital role in the infamous clubhouse meeting.

Details of the meeting, as usually is the case, have been closely guarded. But in recent days, sources have said Moyer helped light the team's fire by invoking a harsh and jarring word in calling out his teammates.

"We're playing like a bunch of [wimps]," he told them.

Reader Jason writes in, "I assume he used the more offensive, and thus
unprintable, slur 'ninnies'."

>>Moyer's words were a spark when Phils were reeling [Philly.com]

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