Jason Michaels, American Athlete

Jason Michaels, American Athlete
March 28, 2006, 4:41 am
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Since I mentioned JMike in the last Dhani post, I thought I would note that there is an article about him in today's Daily News.  Here is the funny part.

Michaels, 29, is the archetype of the American athlete - blond, solid, square-jawed. He cuts a striking figure when he speaks in front of Police Athletic League groups, playing the worldy, wise jock, and he remains defiant. He won't avoid bars and nightclubs, he said. He won't change his lifestyle because he didn't do anything bad.

When I think American athlete I tend to think more Michael Jordan than Jason Michaels.  I don't know about you people.  Anyway, Michaels is happy to be the everyday guy in Cleveland and has settled up with the cop he punched.

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