Jaws Not High On Kolb

Jaws Not High On Kolb
May 4, 2007, 6:15 am
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When it comes to analyzing football, nobody does it quite like former Eagle great Ron Jaworski.  Jaws said he had Kolb ranked as the 8th best quarterback in the draft.  He mentioned he had a guy ranked fifth who didn't even get drafted.  What's the moral of the story?  The NFL draft is a crap shoot and Ron Jaworski didn't think too highly of Kevin Kolb.

An article in today's Daily News also points out that he was in a similar situation to Donovan McNabb when the Eagles drafted Jaws successor in Randall Cunningham back in the '80s.

Another Philadelphia football guru was shocked by the pick as well.  Eagles historian Ray Didinger said this was the most surprised he's ever been by a selection the Birds have made in the 37+ years he's been covering the Birds' draft.  He goes on to say the Eagles will really miss Rod Hood, Donte' Stallworth, and Jeff Garcia but also says he believes that Abiamiri and Bradley can step in and contribute.  I found this quote particularly enjoyable given my viewing of all the "experts" at the draft in Radio City last Saturday.

"One of the dangers and part of the popularity of the draft is that we have created this subculture within the fan community where everybody is a draft expert," he said. "People call on the radio and argue the merits of a cornerback from Alcorn State and a guy from Alabama A&M, and it's likely they haven't seen either of them."

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