Jim Mora Monday PC - 11705

Jim Mora Monday PC - 11705
January 18, 2005, 6:12 am
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Pretty Interesting cut from Atlanta's Monday press conference.  Nothing as entertaining as FredEx, but apparently TO was calling up one of the Falcon's who he is boys with and told them he is going to play.  No shot in hell he plays, but you gotta love TO; toying with them like that.

Link: Jim Mora Monday PC - 1/17/05.

Q: Can you talk about Terrell Owens being out. Obviously that's a huge loss for the Eagles.

Mora: I got the call this morning from T.O. already. He says he's playing. He didn't call me. He called Jimmy Farris. He said: 'Hey, you tell Jim I might be there. I might be there.' And I'll tell you what, he's such a tremendous competitor. You know, I was so fortunate to work with him for the years I did in San Francisco. There aren't many players who I have as much respect for on the football field as T.O. because he brings a rare dimension to this game. I mean, he's a scary player. And you know what? Old 81 might just trot out on the field Sunday. Who knows? But I think that the player who have had to step up and fill in for him have done a great job. When they're playing real games - and really their first real game without T.O. was the other day - their receivers made plays. And to me, that's a sign of a good football team. A good football team is one that they lose a star, they lose a starter and they just keep marching. That's a credit to Andy Reid and their personnel department and then their players just accepting the challenge.

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