Jim O'Brien: Where are they Now

Jim O'Brien: Where are they Now
December 13, 2004, 7:45 am
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It looks like Jim O'Brien made the Larry Bowa move over to ESPN but instead of being on TV he is writing his on point analysis of the NBA for the Insider.  I know Jim O'Brien is a Philly guy and all, maybe he is a really nice guy, hell if I know.  I think it is safe to say he was a really bad fit for the Sixers.  His press conferences were up there in the Andy Reid bullshit level.  He loved his horrible stats to defend his horrible coaching.  Maybe a job as an analyst will be where he fits in.  Hopefully he can get his pen to play better defense than Kyle Korver.

In other ESPN NBA Insider news, John Hollinger thinks Allen Iverson's season last year was a "fluke"?  Here is what he describes a fluke as:

Ever look at a player's season and think "no way he does that again
this year"? It's happened hundreds of times -- a vet in his late 20s or
early 30s puts together a season that vastly exceeds what he'd
accomplished in recent seasons.

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