Jimmy Rollins Favorite Drink is Kool Aid

Jimmy Rollins Favorite Drink is Kool Aid
April 11, 2007, 7:59 am
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Jimmy Rollins, originally uploaded by sparklemotion315

To his credit, Jimmy Rollins is sticking to his guns.  He's got that panache that you don't find too often on the Phillies roster.  After Monday's brutal loss to the Mets, Jimmy spoke.  Hey J-Roll, the Phils still the team to beat?

"Yeah, we are," he said. "The record doesn't show that, but that's the beauty of the season. There are times when you're up, and times when you're down. We're going to start winning. We know we're going to."

Rollins stood in the middle of the small visitors' clubhouse, making himself easily available to anyone who wanted to ask him a question. He wasn't surly, or even defiant. He even had a sense of humor about the way the crowd had given him the New York treatment, waving to them as he came off the field in the eighth inning, as the "Jim-my Roll-ins, Jim-my Roll-ins," chant echoed throughout Shea.

Hey, I've got Jimmy Rollins back -- even if he is slightly delusional.  I don't understand the people who are "outraged" with Jimmy's comments.  He's an all star who is trying to talk his team up.  Sure he might be wrong in who the team to beat is, but he has a positive outlook.  Why the "outrage."  In all seriousness though, Jimmy has an attitude and isn't afraid to use it.  I like it.  Maybe the Phils will pick up on some of his swagger and turn things around.

Oh.  And maybe they can knock in some of those runners in scoring position.  That'd be nice, wouldn't it?

Tonight's matchup has the Phils big off-season acquisition Adam Eaton alive and his 13+ ERA going up against Oliver Perez.

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