Joe Banner, You're Not Helping

Joe Banner, You're Not Helping
February 17, 2011, 9:09 pm
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As has become customary this time of year, Eagles' team president Joe Banner sat down with members of the media earlier this week. He touched on a variety of topics, ranging from signing Mike Vick and DeSean Jackson to new contracts (not until there is a new CBA), the club's plans in free agency (in a position to make a splash... when there is a new CBA), and what will happen to season ticket holders if there isn't a new CBA (refunds... with interest!). Of course, he reportedly spent several minutes endorsing Andy Reid, though the Daily News chose to describe the monologue as "luke warm."

And If that would have been all he said, everything would be fine. Hey look, Joe Banner came out for his yearly interview, and Eagles fans go on with their lives. Pitchers and catchers, etc.

But you couldn't do that, could you Joe? No, you had to make a whole series of media appearances. You had to get baited


and get baited by a Daily News story suggesting the organization is "luke warm" on Andy Reid, a fairly harmless generalization considering he's a

Look, I get what you were saying. Remove the ultimate highs and the lowliest lows, and the Eagles aren't so different from the Steelers. Or the Patriots. Or the Colts. It's true; just another way of saying they're right there every year.

But you can't say it like that. "On balance," BZZZT. I'm sorry, wrong answer, Joe. What parting gifts do we have for him, Enrico?

Nobody cares. Even the most cynical fan realizes

What it boils down to is championships.

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