John Candy Would Be Proud

John Candy Would Be Proud
February 22, 2006, 2:45 am
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This is pretty out there and insane so I thought I would pass it along.  ESPN: Bear crashed kids hockey game, meets Mrs. Chuck Norris:

One Wednesday evening earlier this month, Angyiou was walking near
the village community center with her two sons when a group of children
playing street hockey nearby started shouting and pointing frantically.

Angyiou, 41, turned around and saw a polar bear sizing up her 7-year-old son.

She told the children to run and raced around to get between the
bear and her son. Then she started kicking and punching the animal,
according to police reports.

In a flash, the bear swatted her in the face and
she fell on her back. With the bear on top of her, Angyiou began
kicking her legs in a bicycle-pedaling motion. She was swatted once
more and rolled over, but the bear moved toward her again.

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