Junk Intact, Thoresen Is Ready to Block Shots Again

Junk Intact, Thoresen Is Ready to Block Shots Again
April 15, 2008, 6:56 am
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After nearly losing a man-bit, Patrick Thoresen is relieved to be recovering and nearing game-ready form. He reports that he was wearing a cup, a question some have raised, but a slapshot from Mike Green dented it and caught flesh due to Thoresen's prone position. After Paul Holmgren relayed the information that Thoresen may have suffered a ruptured testicle, and might lose it, we were happy to hear this wasn't the case. So will he dive to block a shot when he's cleared to play? You bet.

“Next time I get an opportunity to block a shot, I will be down
there again,” he said. “That’s my job. And that’s why I get the ice
time, too. I am sacrificing myself for the team and that’s what it is
all about, especially now in the playoffs.

you have that in the room --- that mentality of everyone sacrificing
for each other, you can go a long way. And that’s what we have here.”

Can't say I'd be able to make the same promise... Thoresen's
availability for tonight's game is not yet known, but there's
definitely a chance he'll play. We'll be there with cups on.

>>Thoresen recovering quickly from horrific groin injury [Daily Local]

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