Just So You Know

Just So You Know
January 17, 2005, 9:45 am
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The Sixers won their sixth straight last night.  Read this opening paragraph from today's Inky piece on last nights win over the Raptors:

TORONTO - He looked like a candidate for the NBA's All-Star Weekend three-point shooting contest. He was spotting up along the baseline, releasing the ball in marvelous rhythm, even pump-faking when necessary.

You would think this would have to be about A.I. and in fact it is, but the other A.I.  With all the turmoil in Iggles land, the Sixers are quietly rolling along impressively.  During the off season, many basketball experts noted how Iggy was working hard to get a jumper and if he developed one he could be a legitimate star.

Keep your eye on Andre, he could be a special player someday.

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