Kobayashi Says He Could Have Eaten 100 More Wings

Kobayashi Says He Could Have Eaten 100 More Wings
February 3, 2012, 10:51 am
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Kobayashi blew the competition away at Friday morning's Wing Bowl by downing 337 wings which destroyed the old record. After the competition, Kobi said he could fit another 100 or so in his stomach.

Ryan Petzar got the pleasure of enjoying the aroma of the postgame locker room following Kobi's big win at Wing Bowl XX. He talked to Kobi who told him about not being filled to the brim just yet.

“The truth is that if you brought me another hundred wings right
now, I think I could eat them,” the newly minted Wing Bowl champion
Takeru Kobayashi told me about an hour after his coronation. “Not if it
was a competition, but if you brought them to me, I’d take my time. But I
could fit 100 more in,” he said while patting his distended stomach.

Who wants to go to Chickie's for some wings before the 76ers game tonight?

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