Koy Makes a Cool Six Figs in 3 Days

Koy Makes a Cool Six Figs in 3 Days
January 15, 2007, 5:28 am
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It's not everyday a human with a neck-beard can make a six figure salary let alone earn a six figure pay check for three days of work.  Leave it up to our hoopty driving Koy Detmer.

The Vikings brought Detmer in last week because injuries had left them
with only one healthy quarterback. He practiced three days with the
team, but was released on Saturday when it became clear that Tarvaris
Jackson was healthy enough to serve as the backup. When we look back on
the 2007 Vikings a decade from now (not that anyone will want to),
it'll be hard to remember that Detmer was ever in Minnesota.

For those three days of work, Detmer cleared more money than most Americans earn in a year. As the Star-Tribune explains,
the Collective Bargaining Agreement ensured that Detmer got paid for a
week's work, even though he never played in a game. He claimed $42,000
for those three days, then got another $48,000 severance pay.

F@*k being a fireman or a investment banker.  When I grow up, I want to be a backup QB in the NFL.  In three days he probably didn't even get through a whole pack of Target undies.

>>What a Job: QB Detmer Makes Nearly $100,000 for Three Days of Work [FanHouse]

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