Kyle Korver Sucks

Kyle Korver Sucks
February 13, 2006, 4:57 am
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There are many Philly athlete's I have, on record, stated that I am a big fan of: Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Donovan McNabb, Brian Dawkins, Allen Iverson.  If you take a look at these guys, they are all great athletes but they all bring the right attitude every gameday. It's not everyday I come out and profess my dislike for a player.

Kyle Korver is horrible.

Sure, the guy can shoot three pointers pretty damn well.  He hit that big game-tier a few weeks back with Delonte West in his face.  But his defense.. his defense is atrocious.  Perhaps he lacks the physical skills to play defense which makes it look as if he isn't trying hard enough.  Maybe he is trying, but if he is, he suffers from Abreu syndrome.

I watched bits of the Sixers weak effort against the Wizards on Sunday and this was a direct quote from one of the national broadcasters, "Butler blows right by Korver, it was almost as if Korver wasn't playing any defense at all."

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