LeBron's Crazy Dunk; Stern Hurts Fans

LeBron's Crazy Dunk; Stern Hurts Fans
January 25, 2006, 7:01 am
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  • You must check out the crazy dunk LeBron James pulled off in warm ups the other night. [The Basketball Jones]
  • The Jones also points us to a very interesting article at Hoop's World detailing David Stern's mission to make the NBA less fun and less fan friendly.

    As debilitating as these actions have been
    towards the player-fan dynamic, Stern's latest decree may be the worst one. As
    reported at the end of last week's "The
    " report, the NBA has decided to take all NBA-related video content
    off of the Internet. Highlights and game clips will now only be available in
    NBA.com's video library.

    By far the biggest blow in Stern's destruction
    of the relationship between fans and the game, Stern has effectively removed an
    opportunity for fans to interact with basketball. These are the same fans that
    buy the tickets, jerseys, shoes, and posters, but they're being shut out on the
    'net because David Stern's backside needed some extra cushioning?

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