Lenny Dykstra Wants Out of Bankruptcy

Lenny Dykstra Wants Out of Bankruptcy
March 10, 2010, 9:01 am
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The Wall Street Journal has some of the best writers around. They're so good sometimes that they can even make it seem like they're writing for The Onion. With Lenny Dykstra back in the news, now claiming he should no longer be in bankruptcy despite filing for it last summer, the WSJ blog hits it hard.

When Nails speaks these days, wonderful comedy tends to happen.

“Bottom line, you don’t belong in bankruptcy when you have $100
million in assets,” Dykstra said Tuesday in a telephone interview.

It’s unclear how the ex-ballplayer arrived at the $100 million figure.

Is it ever. Pretty much everything the Dude says these days is unclear.

Why is the Dude making an effort to put this bankruptcy business behind him now? According to the Journal, Lenny is "asking a judge to dismiss his bankruptcy case so he 'can once again claim his role as a productive member of society.'”

After all, people always need their cars washed.

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