Little T Says Tough Break

Little T Says Tough Break
January 22, 2006, 5:10 am
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Nobody likes to see a player go down with an ACL tear which will cause him to miss the entire season and likely portions of next season.  Even bitter rivals can put the past behind them and wish the fallen well.  Right?  Wrong.  Terrell Owens says Donovan should expect no get well soon message from the sleepy Cowboy.

Donovan McNabb shouldn't expect a “Get well soon” text message from Terrell Owens.

“Absolutely not,” Owens said Tuesday.

T.O., don't you remember McNabb sending you one following your reported
suicide attempt that turned out to be an accidental overdose?

not even going there, dude,” Owens said, laughing and shaking his head.
“I wouldn't even make up a story like that. It's not even worth it.
Just not even worth it.”

I guess we should have expected nothing less from Mr. Owens.

>>McNabb won't hear from T.O. [Reading Eagle]

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