Lots of Friggin' Marching

Lots of Friggin' Marching
January 13, 2007, 7:57 pm
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Let's see how many people can use the word march to describe the Saints victory.

  • Eagles Fly Home as Saints March On [Myself, over at the Fanhouse]
  • Saints march past Eagles into NFC title game [USA Today]
  • Saints go marching on [Philly.com]
  • The Saints march in to 1st NFC title game [Washington Post]
  • Saints march in to NFC title game [Yahoo]
  • Saints defeat Eagles, march in to NFC title game [Pocono Record]
  • Saints march into NFC title game behind McAllister [Reuters]
  • Saints on the march [Cincinnati Post]

Also, if someone from Philly wore a shirt like this, we'd never hear the end of how horrible our town is.  They'd be talking about it 30 years from now.  I hate the media. (via)  And a Yahoo! photo of the same woman.

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