Making Sure Our Mets Friends Are Still Alive

Making Sure Our Mets Friends Are Still Alive
December 1, 2006, 1:19 pm
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I haven't heard from my two best friends that happen to be Mets fans.  They have yet to return calls.  I hope they're okay.  Crying in a corner, yes, but okay.

On the web, I'm a frequent visitor over at Metsblog.  It's somewhere I usually go to check in on the happenings of the enemy.  But sure, today I might go to see how they react when put in a place we Phillies fans know all to well.

The staff at Page 2 for humorously list ‘Forty-four reasons why the Mets suffered perhaps the greatest collapse in baseball history.’

  • Jimmy Rollins played baseball while Jose Reyes sulked.

…that last one hurts…it hurts because it is true

Ouch.  At least most Mets fans didn't have to encounter the Phanatic recently.

This bit was also particularly enjoyable painful.

…so my wife walks in from work and sees me holding my head up while staring blankly at the laptop, and says, ‘My God, you look awful, are you going to just collapse tonight.’…to which i responded, ‘Yes, but, if you don’t mind, can we not use that word to describe it.’…

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