Massholes Respond to Boston Dominance

Massholes Respond to Boston Dominance
January 26, 2007, 8:58 am
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This morning I emailed one of my most beloved friends from my Boston College days to get his take on last night's near dethroning of America's Team.  The following is the response I received from Jimmy "The Bucket" who is originally from Brockton.  Or maybe it's Dorchester?  It really doesn't matter where as long as you know it's one of those places where every person in town sounds like they should be working on the Andrea Gale.

Rikki, [editors note: I think that's me, although I'm not sure.]

Tape THIS! Was there ever
a glimmer of optimism in Philly last night? Did The 700Level ever seriously
consider that “There’s Something About A.J.” Feeley would
overwhelm Lancelot and the knights of the Patriot table? Seriously, Rikki.

I will say that 23.5
(hitting 24.5 by game time) was a gross spread. This is the NFL, albeit the
NFC. And Philly found a way to penetrate the secretively soft underbelly of The
Juggernaut: Its linebackers are an aggregate age 183 when they play 3, 232 when
they play 4. I loved how Madden kept yammering about Junior Seau and his
octogenarian pass coverage, while Feeley is living over the middle, bang bang
bang. And why is it that Belichick and Pioli can’t put together a fully sound
defensive backfield? Maybe I’m asking too much. This team is the
equivalent of that all-star swimsuit edition cover that SI put out a couple
years back. You can nip and tuck where you like, but overall the package is
pretty damned breath-taking. You try to stop Elle Macpherson, Marissa Miller
hits you on an out-pattern for 15 yards and the first.

Whatever. Great fight by
the Eagles. Coach Reid deserves to celebrate after a heroic effort like that.
(Psssssst, Andy, try the second drawer down in the boys’ bathroom. Take
two with a few draws on the Rubinoff, call us on Wednesday.)


Boston Steve

P.S. Rikki, I also wanted to add a little line about what a
feeling it is to be a World Series champion. What a feeling it is to be a World
Series champion. You go six months with a team and it rewards you with a warm
championship embrace. It’s good to be the kings.

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