Maybe It's Okay The Sixers Are Winning

Maybe It's Okay The Sixers Are Winning
February 7, 2007, 7:07 am
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If you're any kind of sports fan in the greater Philadelphia area, you've heard by now about Greg Oden, Kevin Durant, and the tremendous depth in this years NBA draft class.  You've also likely been rooting for the Sixers to lose, lose, and lose some more in hopes of securing the top chance at winning the NBA draft lottery.  Apparently, David Aldridge thinks we must love Cheetos.

What's the point of trading Allen Iverson and letting Chris Webber go, goes the argument, if you don't reap the rewards with Greg Oden or Kevin Durant or Joakim Noah?

Which is the kind of stupid you don't hear often outside of Britney Spears' house.

While I'm still not certain I want the Sixers to win a ton of games down the stretch, Aldridge makes some good points.  This current team is super young and developing a little swagger by knowing they aren't going to be a loser every night.  It could pay dividends in the future.

So the Sixers are doing the right thing by playing with effort, even if it doesn't get results; with heart, even if it doesn't lead to victory. And it will be terrible, terrible, if Mo Cheeks, who's not allowing his players to take the easy out, is little more than a sacrificial lamb, holding the chair for the next head coach.

You ask me if Cheeks is a good coach, and I say let's find out together, when he's coaching an NBA team.

The fact of the matter is that even if the Sixers win a couple more games this year they will still have a really good chance at one of the first two overall picks in the draft.  Memphis is a lock for the worst record, especially if they move Pau Gasol.  Boston isn't in much better shape having rolled off an impressive string of 15 straight losses.

Still, I wouldn't mind seeing a couple more L's start to build up next to the Sixers record.

The Sixers take on the Charlotte Bobcats tonight at the Wachovia Center.  To cheer, or not to cheer, that is the question.

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