McNabb Drama We Don't Need

McNabb Drama We Don't Need
January 23, 2007, 7:50 am
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I'm starting to get a little sick of McNabb and I'm one of his supporters.  I have a feeling we may be hearing a lot of this bickering from number five.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is unhappy with coach Andy Reid, fellow quarterback Jeff Garcia and the media for how they are portraying his mother, The Trenton Times reported Tuesday, citing people close to McNabb.

McNabb, whose season was derailed by a torn ACL in his right knee, is upset that Reid dind't allow him to travel to New Orleans for the playoff game against the Saints. But the Eagles normally don't allow players on injured reserve to travel.

McNabb also believes his teammates want Garcia to remain the starter, the Times said, after he led the team on a five-game winning streak and a wild-card victory over the New York Giants.

I wouldn't put it past the media to create a story where there is none.  But the whole McNabb press conference cancellation by Reid is a little sketch.  Nobody knows for sure what the real story is; there are lots of "reports."  We should finally get to hear from Donovan himself at the Super Bowl when he does his yearly press conference for that tasty soup you all love.

Here is the original article from the Trenton Times in which sources say Donovan is unhappy.  It's all those damn blogs fault.

McNabb also may be getting a vibe that some in the organization prefer Garcia over him. Lastly he was not pleased with the way his mother, Wilma, has been portrayed by Eagles fans and the local media for her blog on his Web site in which she stated that watching the Eagles win without her son "is bittersweet."

Whatever the case may be, Donovan and the Eagles need to be on the same page.  Stop focusing on things that aren't related to football.  Stop whining and get to work rehabbing your knee.  The only thing that will make all of this go away is number five being fully recovered and leading this team to a Super Bowl next season.  I don't see any other resolution at this point.

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