McNabb: I wasn't sick

McNabb: I wasn't sick
February 9, 2005, 2:18 pm
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Donovan is in Hawaii with many of the other Eagles and contrary to what Hank Fraley, Runyan, and Freddie Mitchell were reporting on Monday and Tuesday, McNabb is claiming he wasn't sick.  Whether he was sick or not, there had to be something wrong with him, this seems obvious to me.  Three of the players in the huddle wouldn't just make this up.  Its a weird story, but doesn't do anything to change the fact that we lost the Superbowl.

Link: McNabb: I wasn't sick

"No, I wasn't sick and no, I didn't throw up," McNabb said. "If people want to use that as an excuse for why we lost, that's not the way it was, but I'll put it on my shoulders. I'll take the blame."

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