McNabb Practices, Should Be Ready For Giants This Week

McNabb Practices, Should Be Ready For Giants This Week

Number five returned to practice today with the Birds and should be the starting quarterback on Sunday against the Giants.  Mathematically speaking, the Eagles are not eliminated from the playoff hunt just yet, but realistically, most fans don't believe the team will get there.

This leads to the question of what the final four games of the season will mean to McNabb, the Eagles, and the rest of the league.  McNabb will go out and play his tail off as does every single time he takes the field.  Nobody questions this.  What I want to know is whether McNabb will be, in a sense, auditioning for his future.  With McNabb set to pull in over $9 million in 2008, his future with the Eagles is as unclear as ever.

ESPN's John Clayton has an interesting take on all of this and suggests that the Eagles should look to Brett Favre as an example and keep McNabb for many more years to come.  The only problem with that thought process is the fact that it would seemingly waste the selection of Kevin Kolb.  Clayton's opinion doesn't seem to resonate with anyone in Philadelphia.  The buzz in Philly is that McNabb is as good as gone once this season is over.

I'm torn on the issue.  The final four games will play a big role in my final evaluation and I'll be watching and hoping to see flashes of the Donovan McNabb from yesteryear, from the days when he was a legitimate MVP candidate.  These next four games may not have real playoff implications, but everyone around the NFL will be watching.

Watch every single minute of Joel Embiid's super fun NBA debut against OKC

Watch every single minute of Joel Embiid's super fun NBA debut against OKC

Oh, man. Remember that time Joel Embiid did the Dream Shake?!? And then that time he did the crossover. And when he was pumping the crowd up on his way back down the court after drilling a three ball?!?

Well now you don't have to just remember it. You can watch it all again.

Our friendly video team cut together a video featuring every single minute of JoJo's action in his NBA debut. Sadly, he was on a 20-minute restriction, but that didn't stop Brett Brown from getting him out there for a couple of extra minutes.

Enjoy. And as Dario Saric would say, "I love him so much."

If reading is more your thing, check out Jess Camerato on Embiid's debut and Andrew Unterberger on The Process being secured.


Report: Sixers anthem singer Sevyn had contract barring political statements

Report: Sixers anthem singer Sevyn had contract barring political statements

Sevyn Streeter, the performing artist who claimed Wednesday that the Sixers replaced her for the national anthem because of her intent to wear a jersey with the words "We Matter," signed a contract that prohibited political statements, according to CBS3's Jan Carabeo.

Per the report, Streeter was offered an alternate shirt and told she could wear her own shirt in the stands after the performance.

"I was angry, extremely, extremely angry and disappointed and honestly brought to tears by all of it. It broke my heart," Streeter told The Associated Press. "Honestly, I was very excited about being able to perform the national anthem. I was really looking forward to that."

The Sixers didn't directly confirm or deny the allegation but responded with the following statement:

"The Philadelphia 76ers organization encourages meaningful actions to drive social change. We use our games to bring people together, to build trust and to strengthen our communities. As we move from symbolic gestures to action, we will continue to leverage our platform to positively impact our community."

This statement is consistent with efforts being made throughout the NBA calling for action over gestures, as detailed in a feature in B/R Mag. 

“I’m past the gestures,” Carmelo Anthony told B/R Mag. “I’m past that. It’s all about creating things now and putting things in motion. So, that’s what I’m on. I’m trying to get guys on board with that and help them understand that — enough of the gesturing and talking and all of that stuff — we need to start putting things in place.”