McNabb Reacts and Report of Albert Haynesworth Being Offered

McNabb Reacts and Report of Albert Haynesworth Being Offered
April 4, 2010, 8:39 pm
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There will certainly be a million ways to look at all of this, but McNabb released a statement on Sunday night and it's worth reading what Five had to say.

"I'm eager to work with coach Shanahan -- he's been a very successful
coach with a couple of Super Bowl victories on his resume. While it has been my goal to win a Super Bowl in
Philadelphia, we came up short. I enjoyed my 11 years and know that we
shared a lot more good times than bad."

And he's right. But as McNabb himself has said in the past, we only got to the appetizers, never got to enjoy the main course. I doubt the food down in DC is much better.

Another interesting angle to all of this is Adam Caplan mentioning on Comcast SportsNet that the Redskins reportedly offered Albert Haynesworth in some aspect of the deal. It's not clear entirely how he would have fit in but the Redskins must be really unhappy with his shenanigans last season. It could also be telling about the state of NFL team's mindsets in terms of spending these days in the lead up to a potential labor issue. Video of Caplan:

Also of interest, here's an interesting article from Yahoo! that claims McNabb "strong-armed his way to Washington."

Trade Has Been Made... Donovan McNabb Is A REDSKIN?!
[The 700 Level]

And finally, the always fantastic fan reaction video:

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