McNabb Says Nothing's "Bittersweet" After SNF Showdown

McNabb Says Nothing's "Bittersweet" After SNF Showdown
January 27, 2007, 4:58 am
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Philly's predictably abuzz with QB controversy theories and opinions after A.J. Feeley turned in a great (but by no means perfect) performance against the Patriots on Sunday. Despite throwing 3 picks that cost the Eagles the game early and late, just about everything Ace did in between those fateful drives was precise and methodical, picking apart a Pats defense that had been downright scary for most of the season. In his most telling blog post yet over at his Yardbarker site, Donovan McNabb was quick to say that he too was a fan of Feeley's game, and anyone who says anything different has their facts wrong:

I need to get this off of my chest. I heard a remark today that my
thoughts of the game last night was "bittersweet" -- a reference to the
blog my mother wrote last year. Outside of the final score there was
nothing I didn't like about last night.

I loved how A.J. played. He had a couple of throws that he'd like
to have back but he shook off the first interception and was able to
make plays all night long. He made the right reads, he was decisive and
he executed a great game plan.

Why must people think just because we play the same position that I
can't root for him to do well? He is my teammate so I want him to
succeed and that's all that matters.

He goes on to praise the play of the O-line, the receivers, and Jimmy Johnson's inspired defense—some real good-teammate type of stuff. McNabb is getting quicker to respond to remarks like the one he mentioned, a trend that started after Kevin Kolb was drafted, and I can't blame him. He's doing what he can to stay out of the cross hairs of criticism, but there's just no escaping it, even when he's not on the field.

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