Mike Patrick & Dickie V. Suck

Mike Patrick & Dickie V. Suck
March 12, 2006, 10:57 am
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Mike Patrick may actually be more annoying than Dick Vitale.  I don't think I would hate J.J. Redick all that much if those two windbags didn't fellate him over and over and over.  J.J. Redick can play, but watching Duke on ESPN has become a trip to the dentist.

Louis Hinnant played phenomenal and Craig Smith was a beast as usual.  A tough loss for my Boston College squad.  What a first year in the ACC it has been for the Eagles.  Unfortunately the came up a little short today.  Hopefully they can make some noise in the big tournament.

The scuffle was much ado about nothing, but nice to see Al Skinner handle the situation well.

Every March, come tournament time, there has to be a good hair story, so let's hope Jared Dudley and B.C. can make a run to the final four.

The floorslappers prevail in a battle to the end. [Boston.com]

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