Millwood Close to Deal with Cleveland, Vasquez to Phils?

Millwood Close to Deal with Cleveland, Vasquez to Phils?
January 4, 2005, 6:54 am
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It appears inevitable that Millwood will sign with Cleveland.  I think everyone knew he wouldn't be back with the Phils this coming season.  The Phillie's mailbag mentions the Javy Vasquez to the Phils rumor for a number of diferent players.  Vasquez would be a nice adition to the staff, but he still isnt a number one.

Link: Phillies' Mailbag with Ken Mandel

While we're at it, there's speculation regarding him (Wolf) possibly being dealt to Arizona as part of a package (Ryan Howard?) for Javier Vazquez. At this point, it's tough to say how likely that is, but Vazquez isn't even a Diamondback yet. If Vazquez ends up in the desert, Arizona will entertain offers, and the Phillies have coveted the right-hander for some time.

Link: Millwood Close to Cleveland.

Update: The Indians' negotiations with Millwood are moving slowly toward a conclusion, and General Manager Mark Shapiro was quoted on Saturday as saying that "We should know something by the middle of next week," the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

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